Working Monday through Friday at the Banking Office is stressful enough,
but when you add in coming home and dealing with my band of followers
even the most powerful man on the planet needs an extra boost.

My first stop every day is my local Dunkin' Donuts store.
Large coffee, double shot of espresso, and either a bagel or a blueberry donut.
Then it's off to the gym for a quick workout and on to the office.
On my way home, I swing by Dunkin' again for a frozen mocha or an iced coffee,
which helps me fuel the rest of my evening filled with online work.

This new game plays my love for coffee with your need to fulfill.
Hidden inside each cup you'll find either an empty cup or a full cup of coffee to fuel my day.
If you find an empty cup, you are to return to the board and try again til you find a full cup.
You may also come across a lucky piece which will contain a bitten donut, and a special surprise!
Each selection will cost you $5.00... choose wisely! As always, don't play if you can't pay!