One of the most frustrating things nowadays are the extreme
gas prices we all have to pay just in order to get back and forth
to work, and do our everyday routines. My car especially, is a
gas guzzler! I spend on average $75-100 every week to keep my
tank filled. I never let it go below a 1/4 tank, and that's what this
new game will have to do... KEEP MY TANK FULL!

My car's a gas guzzler... many of you are cum guzzlers... Let's
see you prove your worth! Click on any of the gas cans below
as see how much gas you will put in my tank. My car has a 15.3
gallon capacity, and your gas can options will be either 1/8, 1/4,
1/2, 3/4, or a Full Tank. Gas pricing average is $4.00/gallon, and
your payments will deemed accordingly.

Once you make your payment, you will be rewarded by getting a glimpse of my huge gas nozzle. SIDE NOTE:
this new shot is by far one of the hottest I have ever seen. I jacked off to it myself twice since taking the photo!

Lastly, if by chance you choose an empty gas can, and allow my tank to run dry, you will be penalized $20.00,
and be asked to choose again. As always, DON'T PAY IF YOU WON'T PAY! GOOD LUCK!