Around the First National Bank of Dave, my submissives
aren't the only things that need drilled. The FNBD Safety
Deposit Box Vault contains a section of 60 boxes that have
been unclaimed for awhile and have now become
property of Banker Dave. As busy as I am, I don't have
the time to go through each and every box that needs
drilled, but I do want the contents inside of them...

Your task in this game is to drill the unclaimed safety
deposit boxes and find the four valuable items left behind.
Drilling each box will cost you $10.00! Anyone finding all
four valuables will be rewarded by Banker Dave, either a
Bonus $100.00 FNBD deposit, $75.00 in NF Credit towards
any Banker Dave Content, or 10 Free Minutes of BD Phone
Time. As always... don't play if you can't pay!